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Big Life

A Big Life program is a collaboration between Warrnambool College, Brauer College, Grasmere Primary School Koroit & District Primary and Woodford Primary School (collectively known as the Schools) and the Warrnambool Student Wellbeing Association.

The program is guided by and encourages students to lean into the 5 big life questions and themes associated, which are at the heart of personal development. These questions are:

  1. How do I relate to people who are different to me? (Living with difference)
  2. How can I love and be loved? (Relationships and sexuality)
  3. What is the meaning of life? (Spirituality and purposeful occupation)
  4. How do I make family work – even if I haven’t got one or don’t want mine? (Family in the 21st century)
  5. What do I do when bad things happen? (Grief and loss)

Our motivated and passionate Big Life team includes:

Big Life Coordinator – Danielle Gladman. Qualifications: Bachelor of Nursing, Post Grad Diploma in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing, Post Grad Certificate in Adolescent Health and Welfare & Post Grad Certificate in Advanced Nursing (Emergency Care).

Big Life Team member – Melanie Schultz. Bachelor of Primary Education (Primary).

Big Life Team member – Briana Holder. Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement)/Bachelor of Education (Secondary)

A Big Life team acknowledge that COVID-19 is a time of significant challenge and uncertainty for the whole of school community. We continue to support our communities to navigate challenge and we do this by supporting school’s with their current needs and leaning into the Big Life Questions through the Big Life Boost resource.