Costs at Warrnambool College

In an endeavour to reduce costs to our families and simplify processes, we are pleased to advise families that students in years 7, 8 & 9 are not required to purchase books on a school booklist.

Instead, class sets of books or software programs are purchased by the College and partially covered by the cost of your school fees, as listed below.  These will be provided to your students in their classes.  This is a significant saving for our families.

Warrnambool College School Council and Administration are very conscious of the need to keep costs at a manageable level, and to provide various services to help reduce or offset the expenses. Families experiencing financial hardship are invited to contact our Business Manager to discuss payment plans to cover the cost of the school fees.

Students in years 10 - 12 will receive a booklist from Warrnambool Books in November which you are required to pay when you collect your books in January.

A specific breakdown of your individual students school fees will be available on Compass during December.  This provides optimum time for families to pay the fees, and also provide the option of making the payments via our monthly payments scheme.  If you wish to start a payment process earlier, please call the office on 5564 4444 to make arrangements.

What does it cost to attend Warrnambool College?

A summary of fees are set out below for the 2021 school year.  Full details are in the relevant year level link below.

Some students choose to participate in other activities as they arise, such as sporting competitions and academies, which are $85 per academy.

Here are the standard year level charges for all students. This includes all subject related charges

Charges Yr 7 Yr 8 Yr 9 Yr 10 VCE VCAL WAVE
Essential $325 $310 $415 $435 $400 $305 $170
CSEF Component $190 $190 $190 $150 $150 $50 $100
TOTAL $515 $500 $605 $585 $550 $355 $270

A list of our optional charges for activities which students may or may not choose to participate in are below

Optional Programs Yr 7 Yr 8 Yr 9 Yr 10 Yr 11 Yr 12 VCAL
Sporting Pathway Program $900 $900 $900 $900       
Band $115 $230 $230 $230 $230 $230 $230
Instrument Hire $180 $180 $180 $180 $180 $180 $180
Year Level Camp / Retreat $350 $280 $290 $350 $20 $20  
Offshore Magazine - Year book $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20 $20
Bullants Academies (Per Academy)  $85 $85 $85 $85 $85 $85 $85
Presentation Ball         $200    
Graduation           $75  
A list of our optional charges for activities which students may or may not choose to participate in are below
Voluntary Payments Per Year
Printing Credits For Students $10
Access To Enhanced Web Filtering $25
Provision Of Locker $25
IT Provision $80
Grounds $25
Health $25
Wellbeing $25
School Improvement $25

Full Fee Details

Financial Support for Families

Warrnambool College understands that some families may experience financial difficulty and offer a range of support options, including:

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
The government has provided the Camps, Sports & Excursions Funding of $225 per child for any eligible families.  Please ensure you apply for this funding through the school by clicking on this link for the form and details.  Applications usually close at the end of term 2.

State Schools Relief
State Schools’ Relief provides support to any Victorian student attending a government school (primary, secondary or specialist) provided they have received CSEF in the previous year.  Parents are to lodge the form with the school in their first year.  Schools are able to submit an application directly whenever they believe there is a need to support a student whose family/carers are facing difficulty in providing the appropriate uniform, footwear or educational items for attending school. 

Secondhand uniforms are available from our Uniform Shop. Some ideas to help plan for uniform costs:

  • Lay‐by will be accepted
  • Arrange with an older child to purchase their outgrown uniform
  • State school’s relief vouchers are available for year 7 families in receipt of CSEF funding. Please contact the College.
For a confidential discussion about accessing these services, or if you would like to discuss alternative payment arrangements, contact our Business Manager, Christine Dickson on Ph: 03 5564 4444 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment Methods

To assist parents to budget, a list of school charges are provided above.  These fees will be specific to each child and visible on Compass from the last week of the school year though, if you wish to commence payments earlier, this can be arranged by contacting the College on 5564 4444.

School charges will be accessible for payment through Compass. This is a very simple, user friendly process for families, providing the flexibility to organise your payments any time online.   Families will be able to make one payment for all students by making the payment through the shopping cart.  Where required, families will also be able to select the payment plan option and make 6 x monthly payments using your credit card.  This is a very simple one step process which does not involve filling in any forms.

You can apply for Centrepay deductions online via this link or by completing a Centrepay deduction form available from the school office.

Bpay, Cash/Cheque- In Person, Eftpos

Should you wish to pay in person, please come in on the 22nd or 25th of January. We will have extra staff available to accept your payments so please take advantage of this opportunity to minimise the effect of a busy start to the year once the students return.

Our staff will also be able to assist with any queries you may have prior to school starting.

Arrangements for paying your 2021 school charges are as follows:  


Where payment has been made refunds will be on the following basis:

  • Where the child withdraws from the College prior to the commencement of the school year the refund will be 100% of the amount paid
  • Where the child withdraws from the College in Term One the refund will be 75% of the amount paid
  • Where the child withdraws from the College in Term Two the refund will be 50% of the amount paid
  • Where the child withdraws from the College in Term Three the refund will be 25% of the amount paid
  • Where the child withdraws from the College in Term Four the child will not receive a refund

All Camps, Excursions and Incursions are fully self-funded.

Where payment has been made for a Camp or Excursion refunds will be on the following basis:

  • On site activities and Incursions at the College will not be refunded in the case of absence or withdrawal.
  • One day excursions will not be refunded in the case of absence or withdrawal.
  • Where the child withdraws from the Camp prior to the booking of the camp accommodation (3 weeks prior to the camp) the refund will be 100% of the amount paid.
  • Where the child withdraws from the Camp after the booking of the camp accommodation and activities (3 weeks prior to the camp) a refund will not be provided unless there are extenuating circumstances and approved by the Business Manager.
  • If the child is withdrawing due to illness, a full refund will be provided if a medical certificate is supplied.  Insurance for whole year level camps will be provided by the College, therefore the refund will be reimbursed by VMIA Insurance.

The Difference Between Compass and CASES

CASES21 is the Education Departments finance package which we are required to use.  It is the single source of truth for your family account balances.  This package provides the history of your charges and payments, and it is the package which receives any credits you may be entitled to Eg: refunds, CSEF, centrelink credits.

Compass is the package we use to communicate with families and provide a convenient, pay anytime option for families to eliminate the need for cash and also for families to come into the College.

Compass records all payments received through Compass pay, it does not have a record of your credits or payments received via any other method, eg: Bpay, cash, eftpos receipts.

Each month we will send you home a statement from CASES21 to ensure you are aware of your overall financial situation with the College. 

Camps, Sports, Excursion Fund

New families to the College who have a health care card are eligible for the Camps, Sports and Excursion Funding.   Please ensure you call into the College to complete the application at the start of the school year. For those families who receive Centrelink benefits we also have a facility to enable a portion of your Centreink payment to be attributed directly to your school fees.

Book Costs

Warrnambool Books is the name of the College’s official book supplier for years 10 - 12

A list of textbooks, stationery and fees will be issued to children enrolling in the College during November. Payment for these items is due when the booklist is collected in January.

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